90 Day Warranty

99% Repair Rate

2-5 Day Turnaround

P1510 Radiant Systems POS Terminal

Looking for a quote or repair on the Radiant P1510 Series POS Terminal? We have the experience and knowledge to help your business!

P1510 Radiant Systems POS Terminal

System Core P1510  
Genuine Intel Chipset 810E2
Intel CPU Options P1510    
Celeron D: 1.2 GHz Yes
Celeron M: 800 MHz No
Celeron M: 1.3 GHz No
Celeron M: 1.6 GHz No
DRAM P1510    
Memory (Max) 512MB
Storage P1510    
Hard Drive Yes
USB DiskOnChip (UDOC) No
Operating System P1510    
Windows XP, XPe, WEPOS Yes
Port and Expansion P1510    
Powered Serial 6
USB 3 USB 1.0
Parallel 1
Cash Drawer 2
DVI Optional
Low Profile PCI Yes
Mini PCI Optional
Other Features P1510    
Integrated Stereo Speakers Yes
Integrated Biometrics No
Integrated MSR 3 Track
On-Board Networking 10/100 BaseT Ethernet built in with optuional 802.11 wireless
Customer Display Options include 2×20 VFD or 5.5 inch C500 VGA Order Confirmation Display (POS or pole mount) and the C1200 SVGA Interactive Customer Display with customer payment options (POS mount only). Both the C500 and C1200 support full motion video
Installation / Mounting P1500 Series Point-of-Sale
Counter Top Tilt Stand Dimensions: 13.4″ to 14.2″ L x 15.8″ W


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