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Micros Workstation 5 & 5A POS Terminals

Looking for a quote or repair on the Micros 400814-001 Workstation (WS5) or the Micros 400814-101 (WS5A)? We have the experience and knowledge to help your business!

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400814-001 400814-101 E7 / 3700 / 9700 Micros Workstation 5 (WS5) and 5A (WS5A)


The Micros WS5 and Micros WS5a are very popular point of sale terminals. These point of sale system units are proven in the field and very reliable. View the specs below. Let us know how we can help you today!


Micros Workstation 5 & 5A POS Terminals, Parts and Repair Services

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  • Screen Repair
  • Monitor Repair
  • Refurbished Models Available
  • Parts
  • Component Repair
  • Peripheral Repair/Replacement
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Here are a few specs on the Micros 5 point of sale terminals:

  •  SKU / Item Numbers: 
    • 400814-001
    • 400814-104
    • 400814-102
    • 400814-020
  • AMD Geode LX800
  • 32-Bit x 86 PROC
  • 256 MB UDOC
  • Touch Screen
  • Windows Embedded CE
  • Windows WEPOS
  • Up To 2Gb DDR RAM
  • Standard Type 1 Compact Flash
  • 15″ TFT Active LCD
  • 1024×768-XGA
  • 3 Track Serial Interface
  • MINI PCI Slot
  • 4.3″H x 15.40″W x 13.00″D
  • 4 Extenal USB
  • ROHS Compliant
  • 3700
  • 9700
  • E7

Whether you are looking for the Micros Workstation 5 or the Micros Workstation 5A, each point of sale machine provides outstanding performance and reliability. The WS5A is the newer of the Workstation 5 models. 


Micros 5 Units (WS5 and WS5A)

We have many Micros Workstations 5 and 5a’s for sale, in-stock and ready to ship. These units work great in the field and are very durable.

All of our units have been inspected by certified technicians and are ready to be setup at your business and put to work!


Micros Workstation 5 Troubleshooting

Every now and then your point of sale equipment needs to receive maintenance. If you are having issues with your Micros terminal, give us a call and we can help troubleshoot the issue. We have years of experience with helping users just like you track down and resolve the issue.

We have an entire stock of parts ready to ship specifically for the Micros 5 system unit. From power supplies, touch screens, card readers, motherboards…we have you covered.

Here is an image of the peripheral ports on the Workstation 5A:

Micros Workstation 5A Peripheral Ports

Workstation 5A Peripheral Serial Ports (Click to view larger image)


Workstation 5 System Equipment

The Micros Workstation 5 has many different pieces of hardware that can be changed and swapped out in the event of an issue. Here are a few pieces of Micros hardware that can be changed out:

The Workstation 5 system really offers a fantastic value for your investment over time. The ability to readily find the replaceable parts can really save your business from being down for too long, or having a backup readily available is another affordable option. It’s very nice when you don’t have to search around too much for parts!


Let us know if you need your Micros Workstation 5 system unit repaired or are looking for some extra backup point of sale equipment for your business. Contact us today!


Warranty Info:

All products and parts are backed by a minimum 90 day warranty!

  • 99% repair rate
  • 2-5 day turnaround
  • Advanced exchange programs available
  • Free estimates
  • OEM parts
  • Realign to factory specifications
  • Quality workmanship by factory-trained technicians

POS Repair Shop’s factory-trained technicians inspect, repair, rebuild and quality test every Symbol Scanner in our facility. All parts are guaranteed to meet the needs and expectations of each customer.

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